Installing Garage Doors Made Easy with these 3 Basic Steps

Standalone double garage

Understanding the basics of installing a garage door is significant to complete the whole process. In fact, anyone can do it within a few hours. This can be done in just a few hours. This article will help you get you all the details to understand the basics of garage door installations. Tools, help, and time are the three things you will need to complete it. The 3 basic steps that you will need to understand to get you started with the installation are the following.

Preparation Phase. The whole process on your manufacturer’s manual must be reviewed first before even starting the work. You will be able to anticipate what step is coming next and tools you are going to need by reading the manual. It is important to know that all the instructions on the manual will supersede any other guides. All the parts you are going to need should be part of your inventory you are going to make after reviewing the manual. Usually all the parts are listed in the manual. To organize the parts into piles for easier process is highly suggested. Then, gather all the tools and materials you are going to need as well, including a ladder. To prepare the first panel for installation is the last task in this phase. You can leave the hinges on left and right into the roller.

Installation Phase. The first panel must be able to cover the opening. Garage doors are about 7 feet high and 9 feet wide for standard types. All of these, curved parts, vertical and horizontal of the track, are separated and attached in separate steps. The vertical track is recommended to be installed first using slide rollers onto end of the track of the first panel. Be sure to lower it in place. It must be centered in the opening for the track. Tighten the brackets all the way until the next panel. Durham Garage Door Intsallation experts suggest that to install the second panel, it is best to get help because the outside hinges must be attached first before the panel can be put in place. The hinges and rollers are subsequently installed. Pre-drilling the holes before you install the second panel must be done first. The track up the wall, the door level, and the vertical track, all must be secured and plumb. To avoid repeating the whole process, it is best to get professional help when installing the torque tube and curved tracks.

Post-Installation Phase. Clean the area first before trying the door for the first time. The door alignment must be secured from top to the bottom. Lastly, tighten the screws, check the operation of the door working up and down, and the garage door spring, rollers, and horizontal tracks.

With these 3 basic steps you can successfully complete a garage door installation by experts from

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